Product Development

Bellis is an innovative company, providing new product development and contract manufacturing capabilities to wholesalers and retailers alike. We pride ourselves on our experience and industry knowledge in developing delicious new nutritional products, but it is our speed to market from concept through consultation and onto customers, that separates Bellis from the rest of the competition.

Innovative & Effective

Recent innovations have seen Bellis evolve with current market trends and claim based marketing into the development of a wide range of products including weight management and protein-rich options.

If your goal is to have a value-added product that is cost effective and pleasing to the palette of consumers, then we can help.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether the customers’ requirements are to provide a bulk pack to pack in house, or a fully branded, packed product ready for the retail market, Bellis can provide a production solution to meet the needs utilizing our industry experience and certificated suppliers, and providing a time line from inception to warehouse delivery.

If you have a concept or an idea you wish to pursue give our team a call, and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs.