At Bellis, one of our core values is caring about the wellbeing and health of our employees,
customers, contractors and service providers.
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continuing to develop across the country and the world, we have implemented unprecedented controls to minimise the risk to our operations and our people.

Effective from today the following measures are being undertaken:

● All overseas business and personal travel to be postponed.

● All employees, service providers and contractors that have returned from overseas travel in the past 14 days are restricted from entering the premises.

● The factory outlet shop is to be closed until further notice.

● All non-essential visitors, including customers and representatives are restricted from entering the premises. Visitors deemed essential are to be temperature checked by a first-aid member and sign a declaration of health.

  • All essential tasks are to be completed after the production employees have left the facility to minimise exposure.

● All meetings are to be held via phone or video conferencing.  

●  Management that work at other sites are restricted from entering the premises.

● All employee social gatherings are to be postponed.

● All on-site audits and inspections are to be postponed for a period of no less than 6 months.

● Team members that are able to work remotely from home have been advised to do so. All of our team are still contactable via email and phone.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support during this challenging and unprecedented time.
Please keep up to date with our current controls via 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact page. 

Bellis Management