At Bellis, one of our core values is caring about the wellbeing and health of our employees,
customers, contractors and service providers.

In line with the State governments Stage 3 restrictions being implemented on 29th June, I have been in discussion with David regarding assessing our own restrictions and implementing our own return to normality.

We wish to thank everyone for their vigilance and commitment to minimising the risks of this pandemic to our operations and our people.


As of Wednesday 15th June the following measures shall be enacted:

  • Courier/delivery drivers or deliveries by essential representatives are permitted entry to the public area of reception for the purpose of picking up or dropping off items. They are to conduct their business and leave in a timely manner and not remain for longer than required (max. 5 mins).  This also applies to the receiving door at the back of the factory.
  • Hand sanitiser to be available for use by courier/delivery drivers.
  • All non-essential visitors, including customers and representatives are still restricted from entering the premises. Any required meetings are still to be held by phone or video conferencing.


As of Monday 29th June  the following shall take effect:

  • Factory Shop shall re-open for the public. Customers will be limited to one family/household in the shop at one time.
  • Daily cleaning to extend to the shop to be completed by Admin staff.
  • Essential visitors are permitted to enter the business by appointment only. Visitor declaration forms are no longer required, however they must still be temperature checked and have the COVID-19 tracking app installed on their phone. If the temperature returns higher than 38 degrees they are not permitted to enter and suggested to see their health professional.
  • All on-site audits and inspections are permitted to recommence (subjected to control for essential visitors).
  • Management that work at other sites are permitted to entering the premises (subjected to control for essential visitors).
  • On-site meetings or gatherings of staff are to now permitted to be held with no more than 75 people, however still limit prolonged contact with staff from other areas of the site. i.e. mixing, forming, wrapping, admin.
  • Hand sanitiser to be available for use in the public area of reception for use by essential visitors and outlet customers.

All non-essential visitors are still restricted from entering the production facility until further notice.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support during this challenging and unprecedented time.
Please keep up to date with our current controls via 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact page. 

Bellis Management